Thursday, October 20, 2011

Home Organizing Tip-of-the-Month for November

It’s time to get ready for the cold weather.

"Winterize" the outside of your home. Bring your outside potted plants inside the house. Store garden and lawn care equipment, as well as outdoor recreational equipment (bicycles, sports equipment, etc.), in the garage, basement, or shed. Maximize the space in your garage by storing things on shelves, and hanging things from hooks on the ceiling and walls (you can install tool racks and peg boards on walls to hold hooks).

The above organizing tip is taken from my booklet, "36 Home Organizing Ideas for Your Family Around the Year". This 16-page booklet provides month-by-month, timely tips to help you and your family organize your home. My booklet also makes a great gift to friends, family, colleagues, clients, and potential clients. You can even choose to add your company logo and/or information to the booklet. To order one or more copies of my booklet, please see